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Four States Fairgrounds Building Layout & Stall Charts

We will keep you updated on stall availability. We typically sell out of stalls within two weeks of when entries open. Online Entries  opened September 1, 2023 at 6pm.

Contestants may send in their stall request and payments, then enter the race at a later date. If you buy stalls only, during your online purchase, on the horses name place "stalls" in that space. Contestants are able to pre-purchase stalls and shavings either online or by printable entry form.  Go to the Entry Form tab at the top of page. 

RV reservations must be made with Four States Fairgrounds
@ 870-773-2941

All specific stall request must be submitted with printable entry form or online entry and payment. Scroll down on this page to see stall charts below.

Entrance gate being used is now on the North side of Four State Fairgrounds. See red arrows.

Generator Area.JPG
#2 Equine Center STALL DIAGRAM 2022  MAP.JPG
#3 New Livestock Barn STALL DIAGRAM 2022  MAP.JPG
#4 Marion Reed Livestock STALL DIAGRAM 2022  MAP.JPG
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